Library Circulation Policy


Circulation Policy

The Big Bend Village Library Board, in accordance with the Bridges Library System CAFÉ agreement, has adopted the following circulation policy.

Loan Periods and Holds

Library privileges expire every 18 months. You will be asked at that time to verify your current information in order to renew your privileges.

All books and audio materials may be checked out for a three-week loan period with three renewals, unless there is a hold on the item. Specialty items may have individual checkout periods.

A maximum of 10 DVDs per patron can be checked out for one week with a one-week renewal unless there is a hold on the title.

Inter-library materials are checked out and due by the owning library’s due date.

Held items will be kept for the patron for 7 days from the date the hold was activated.

Fine Rates

The purpose for levying fines for overdue library materials is to ensure that these materials are returned to the Library in a timely fashion.

Fines on children’s items are $.05 per day for each day overdue.

Fines on DVDs are $.50 per day for each day overdue.

Fines on adult materials are $.15 per day for each day overdue.   Children’s materials checked out on an adult card will be charged at the adult fine rate.

Patron library privileges will be blocked at $10.00 until the patron reduces the amount owed the library to an amount under the $10 threshold.

Payments on fines for items owned by other libraries will be sent to the owning library if the fine amount exceeds $20.

Replacement Charges

Charges for lost or damaged items will be based on the replacement cost plus. The replacement cost for items owned by another library will be determined by the loaning library.   All payments received for items owned by other libraries will be sent to the owning library.

When Library users pay for a lost book, the overdue fines will be forgiven.

Refunds are not given on payments for lost items.

Delinquent Account Procedures

First notice: An overdue notice is generated after material is 7 days overdue and is applied to patron’s account. Patron will be notified via e-mail, phone, or with a letter.

Second notice: An overdue fine notice is generated after material is 14 days overdue, is applied to patron’s account, and a letter is sent to patron.

Billing notice: An item will be set to lost and the patron will be billed for its replacement once it is overdue for 30 days.

Final action

Any delinquent account over $50.00 may be turned over to the Big Bend Police Department at the discretion of the Library Director.

All requests by the Library Director for assistance to collect for unreturned library materials will be made in accordance with Wis. Statute 43.30 (6). Only the name, contact information, and amount owed will be disclosed to law enforcement or collection agency.

Miscellaneous Charges

Replacement of library cards: A replacement fee of $1.00 will be charged, and a note will be put on patron’s record.

Fees for damages to library materials are made on a case-by-case basis.

Checks returned will be assessed a service fee determined by  Big Bend Village policy.

General Policy

In the event of habitual abuse of the above rules, a patron’s library privileges may be suspended at the discretion of the Library Director. Suspended privileges may be appealed to the Library Board.

Policy will be reviewed periodically by the Big Bend Village Library Board.


Big Bend Village Library Board

President: Tekla Fingland               Date: June 18, 2019