Minutes – April 17, 2018



April 17, 2018

Village of Big Bend Library Board

W230 S9185 Nevins Street

Big Bend WI 53103

Meeting called to order at 6:34 pm

Present:  Deanna Quirk, Cathy Bronk, Bobbi Woppert, Jeff Goodman and Tekla Fingland. 

Absent:    Linda Soneberg.  Kathy Schneider resigned.

Also present:  Karla Lang


Minutes for approval.  

–Motion made by Deanna seconded by Bobbi to approve the March 20, 2018 minutes.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report.  Because the March Report had been tabled for correction, the Board took up that report first.

–Motion made by Cathy seconded by Jeff  to approve the March Treasurer’s Report.  Motion carried.

–Motion made by Deanna seconded by Cathy to approve the April Treasurer’s Report.  Motion carried.

Accounts Payable.  

–Motion made by Deanna seconded by Jeff to approve the bills.  Motion carried.

Librarian’s Report:

* The election bake/book sale was a great success.  The Library made $96 on bakery and $24 on books.  There will be another sale in November.

* There is a Thursday movie for Seniors.  It has been well attended.

* Starting in summer there will be a movie on Wednesdays for the kids.

* The Library is in talks with Rivers Edge Bait Shop regarding sponsorship of their June 2nd kids fishing event.

Discussion regarding changing Library hours.  Karla though it a good idea to open earlier and close earlier as there aren’t many people using the Library after 8:00 or 8:30 at night.  After some discussion, the Board made the following motion:

–Motion made by Jeff seconded by Deanna to change the Library hours to: 1-8 Monday & Thursday; 9:30 to 8 Tuesdays and Wednesdays; 2-6 on Friday; & 9-1 on Saturday.  Motion carried.

At this point, Karla introduced Jeff Goodman as the new member from the Village Board and informed the Board that Kathy Schneider has resigned. Karla will be sending a recommendation to replace her to the Village Board.

Library Trustee Officers positions.

–Motion made by Jeff seconded Deanna to keep the present officers in their present positions. Motion carried.

Update on the LGIP investment.  The checks are being mailed on April 18th.

–Motion made by Cathy seconded by Deanna to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:43.  

Respectfully submitted:

Bobbi Woppert