Minutes – November 21, 2017


November 21, 2017

Village of Big Bend Library Board

W230 S9185 Nevins Street

Big Bend WI 53103


Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm

Present: Telka Fickland, Leah Fickau, Deanna Quirk, Bobbi Woppert, and Cathy Bronk.

Absent:    Kathy Schneider & Linda Soneberg

Also present: Karla Lang

The meeting started with a presentation from Waukesha County Community Foundation regarding investment of library funds.

Minutes for approval.

–Motion made by Leah seconded by Deanna to approve the October 17, 2017 minutes. Motion carried.

Treasurers Report. The Board went over the Treasurers Report. Motion made by Deanna seconded by Cathy to approve the Treasurers Report. Motion carried.

Accounts Payable.

–Motion made by Cathy seconded by Leah to approve the bills. Motion carried.

Librarian’s Report:

  • The Civil War program went very well. There were 37 people in attendance.
  • The Story Hour for the preschoolers is going very well.
  • Santa will be at the Lion’s Club on December 14th.
  • The library purchased a wifi hotspot.

Library internet policy. This was brought up because of a complaint regarding minors using the computers. Our policy says a minor needs written parental consent to use the computers. After some discussion, the Board made the following motion: –Motion made by Leah seconded by Deanna to change the Internet Library Agreement and Internet Policy to make a minor anyone under 18 years of age. Motion carried.

2018 Annual Addendum to the Bridges Library System Member & Café Agreements. There was no action to take. Tekla just had to sign the forms.

Library Fund Balance. After discussing the presentation we had earlier in the meeting, the Board decided to take no action at this time.

–Motion made by Leah seconded by Deanna to adjourn. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:58.

Respectfully submitted:


Bobbi Woppert