We’re Going on a Lion Hunt Picnic

Welcome all moms and preschoolers/young homeschoolers! Meet at the library with Cheri Riehle for crafts/stories/a “Lion Hunt” and food- outdoors- weather permitting.

AM Book Nook

Meet with friends, have snacks and tea, and discuss the book “Plum Tea Crazy” by Laura Childs.  Newcomers welcome!  Call the library to sign up.

Evening Book Club

Meet with friends, have snacks, coffee or tea, and discuss the book “King Peggy” by Peggielene Bartels. Newcomers welcome! Virtual attendance available upon request. Call the library to sign up. …

Food: Backyard and Beyond

Discussion led by Jennifer Widowski from Whatever Comes Naturally, about how to prepare next year’s garden, growing herbs, preserving food and more! Share with others your questions and experiences.

Turkey Trot Fall Reading Program

Adults and teens: Enter a drawing to win a turkey, apple pie, or Turkey Trot coffee by signing up and reading 6 books. Starting Sept 22nd through Nov 18th! Come …

Movie Matinee

You are invited to watch a movie, enjoy popcorn, friends, and comfy chairs at 2pm here at the Big Bend Village Library!

Armchair Travel: France

Sit back, relax in your armchair, explore France and their Dairy Goat Industry, and even sample some artisan goat cheese!

Story Time

Come read, play, and have fun with Cheri Riehle- Story Teller and Occupational Therapist Wednesdays at 10:15am as posted.