Wisconsin’s Digital Library

eBooks are available from the library for supported eReaders through our digital content provider – Wisconsin’s Digital Library, powered by Overdrive. Downloadable audiobooks, video and music are also available! All you need to get started is a computer; supported eReader, tablet, or smart phone; an Internet connection, and your library card.



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Wisconsin’s Digital Library has an extensive help section to assist you when getting started with digital material.

You can also find out more about how to download to your device at this link.





Databases and Online Resources

Big Bend Village Library is a member of the Bridges Library System, which provides access to a variety of online resources to its member libraries and their patrons. You can use your library card at home or at the library to take classes, download magazines, do genealogy research, to help with your job hunt, and more! Click the link below to start.

Databases and Online Resources




Village of Big Bend

Village of Big Bend

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Phone Number – 262.662.2747
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