Big Bend Village Library Mission Statement

The purpose of the Big Bend Village Library is to provide all individuals in the community with free and  open access to a broad range of materials and services.  The public library supports a sense of community within the population it serves.

The Library will always be guided by responsibility to both present and future needs in adding materials that will enrich the collection.  The Library also recognizes that knowledge of its residents and their interests is vital to the selection of library materials.  New formats will be considered for the collection as community needs arise, keeping in mind the Library’s ability to acquire and place new items with the exiting collection.  Allocation of the materials budget will determine the number of items purchased for each area of the collection.

The Big Bend Village Library believes in:
Quality Service
Intellectual Freedom
Supporting a lifelong enjoyment of reading and learning for all ages.

Reviewed and updated:
Big Bend Village Library Board  03/17/09