Of the Village of Big Bend, Wisconsin


Article I


Section 1.        Hereafter this body shall be known as the Big Bend Village Library Board.


Article II


Section 1.        The Big Bend Village Library Board shall strive to present the best possible library service to meet the needs of all the citizens of the Village of Big Bend.

Section 2.        The Big Bend Village Library Board shall always bear in mind the objectives of good library service.

Section 3.        The responsibilities of the Board are legal as defined by law; operational as required to offer effective library service in today’s changing conditions. Its duties are policy making, managerial and interpretative.

Article III


Section 1.        The Library Board is appointed under provisions of the Wisconsin Statutes by the municipal governing authority.

Section 2.        The Big Bend Village Library Board is answerable to the appointing authority and to the citizens of the community and has responsibilities constituting a public trust.


Article IV


Section 1.        The Library Board shall be composed of five appointive members who shall be citizens of the municipality, of either sex.

Section 2.        Members shall be appointed by the village president with the approval of the municipal governing body, and at the recommendation of the Library Board, for a period below defined from July 1 of the year of appointment.

Section 3.        Vacancies shall be filled by a new appointment.

Section 4.        Of the membership, not more than one member of the Village Board shall at any one time be a member of the Library Board. One member should represent the public school district in which the library is served.

Section 5.        No compensation shall be paid to members of the Library Board for their services, but they may be reimbursed for the actual and necessary expenses incurred in performing duties outside the village if so authorized by the Library Board.

Section 6.        Upon their first appointment, the members shall be divided as follows: Five member board – each serving a 3 year term on a staggered basis. Thereafter, each regular appointment shall be for a term for three years.

Section 7.         If necessary, one or two non-resident members shall be appointed by the Waukesha county Executive.

Section 8.           All members should have a strong interest in supporting the library.


Article V


Section 1.       Members should select from their number a chairperson, secretary and treasurer to serve for one year starting July 1.

Section 2.        Duties of officers are defined in By-laws.


Article VI


Sections 1.      Meetings shall be held monthly.

Section 2.        Three members shall constitute a quorum.

Section 3.        Notice shall be provided to the public and press of all meetings.


Article VII

Order of Business

Section 1.        The following order of business should prevail at business meetings:

  1. Roll Call
  2. Reading of minutes of previous meeting
  3. Financial report and approval of expenditures
  4. Report of librarian
  5. Correspondence and communications
  6. Report of special committees
  7. Unfinished business
  8. New business
  9. Adjournment


Article VIII


Section 1.        Amendments must be presented in writing to all members in advance of the monthly meeting. An amendment must be passed by a majority of all members. An amendment must be ratified by the village board.


Amended and ratified on April 21, 2015